Fresh Harvest Meal Plan

Fresh Harvest Meal Plan

Our FRESH HARVEST meal plan is for those who prefer a vegetarian diet. We pack lots of nutritious fruits, vegetables, beans and grains into every meal. We offer a wide variety of vegetarian based protein and fish on this meal plan. From homemade veggie burgers to organic salads, we deliver extraordinary flavors in every meal.

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This meal plan provides a delicious array of vegetarian meals. Fresh seafood, soy based non-gmo protein and lots of beans, legumes and nuts. We will customize any dish to be vegan on this plan. Every dish is full of flavor and love.

$270.00 Bi-Weekly (10 Days-30 Meals)
$520 Monthly (20 Days-60 Meals)
Additional meals are $9.00
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included

3 Meals Per Day

Cooked Fresh, Delivered To Your Door

Nutritional Facts

Calories 450 – 475
Protein 30 – 40 grams
Carbs 20 – 30 grams

* Breakfast contains less calories, protein and carbs

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