Stay Fit Meal Plan

The STAY FIT meal plan is designed for those who lead a super active life. If you spend plenty of time working out, this plan is perfect for you. Each meal is packed with lots of lean protein and “good for you” carbs such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa and a wide variety of vegetables. Our focus for each perfectly planned meal is to keep it healthy without sacrificing taste.

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The focus of this meal plan is to provide a balance of carbs, high protein and vegetables. We serve only heart healthy carbohydrates such as whole wheat pasta, whole wheat couscous, quinoa, barley and brown rice. The protein portions are higher than our other meal plan. Ideal for those who exercise regularly and want to build or maintain muscle mass.

$270.00 Bi- Weekly (10 Days-30 Meals)
$520.00 Monthly (20 Days-60 Meals)
Additional meals are $9.00
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included

3 Meals Per Day

Cooked Fresh, Delivered To Your Door

Nutritional Facts

Calories 570 – 620
Protein 36 – 45 grams
Carbs 35 – 45 grams

* Breakfast contains less calories, protein and carbs

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