Super Lean (Paleo) Meal Plan

If your goal is to lose weight, the SUPER LEAN (Paleo) meal plan was designed with you in mind. It provides you with the right amounts of high protein, low carbs, lots of vegetable fiber and minimal sugar balance you need to stay lean. You will eat better and feel great.

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The focus of this meal plan to eliminate starchy white foods from your diet. We provide only good carbs such as sweet potato, butternut squash, rutabaga and lots of other root vegetables. The meals are high in lean protein and vegetables, and low in sugar, starch and fat. Ideal for anyone trying to lose or maintain body weight.

$240.00 Bi-Weekly (10 Days- 30 Meals)
$460.00 Monthly (20 days- 60 Meals)
Additional meals are $8.00
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Included

3 Meals Per Day

Cooked Fresh, Delivered To Your Door

Nutritional Facts

Calories 375 – 425
Protein 30 – 40 grams
Carbs 9 – 18 grams

* Breakfast contains less calories, protein and carbs

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